One of the best cosmetic doctors I have ever been to. Results are natural and subtle. Everyone told me I looked well rested. He took his time to explain in detail what he was about to do and made sure results were aligned with my expectations. I highly recommend him. I will never go elsewhere.
— H.W
Dr Wassim has the magic touch. I’m always pleased with the results. I have recently started having small doses of Botox and fillers to give me a fresher look. Dr Wassim knows exactly the right amount to use and never goes over the top. everyone noticed that I looked more rested but no-one was able to guess that I had anything “done”. His latest masterpiece was my liquid nose job, so subtle, so natural!!! I trust him blindly
— Katia A
Above and beyond my expectations. From the moment I met Dr. Wassim I felt at ease, his calm professional manner made disappear any anxiety I was feeling about the procedure. He was honest and informative about the treatment I had requested and gave me valuable advice on what treatments would help me achieve the best results. Dr Wassim was caring and considerate during the procedure. The end results are incredible. I am SO pleased.
— O.V
Quite literally Dr Wassim is the king of subtle tweaks that keep me looking fresh and age-defying. His lunch break 20 minute nose job is such a face changer! My nose is exactly how I wished it always was. If only I had done it sooner!
— Javid A